Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Nora met

Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Nora Overmyer used a horse buggy when they met at church (now Zion Church) while in high school. They eloped and took the Tooterville Tolley to get married in St. Joe, Michigan. After they married they lived at Frank Huey's house until they finished high school. ( The house is where is there is a long lane near our home on the gravel road ). Sam was born while they lived there. Later they moved to South Bend so Grandpa Lloyd could work at Studebaker and go to business school. They lived with Aunt Bessie and Uncle Walter. Grandpa owned or managed a boarding house while he and grandma lived in South Bend. Grandpa graduated from South Bend Business School. Grandpa Lloyd hurt his hand at work (Studebaker). A motor fell on his hand at work. He got blood poisoning and almost lost his hand from the accident.  That was when grandpa’s finger would not move again. He was given money as a settlement. The post office offered Grandpa Lloyd a job after the accident but he did not take it and moved to Lake Bruce to build the garage.  Grandpa Lloyd made the blocks for the garage from gravel from the Smith Gravel Pit. Rocks for the porch of the house would later also come from the Smith Gravel Pit. Ten years after Sam became a minister grandpa would become a minister.

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